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Disotuar, Henry
Disotuar, Henry

Henry Disotuar was born and raised in the suburbs of Santiago de Cuba, the second largest city of Cuba. At the age of 10 his mother remarried and they both moved to Belgium. This significant turn of events marked him as teenager and is omnipresent in the director’s work.

Remarkable in the work of the young (24 years) director is the accomplishment of deep narrative, complex characters and the ability to tell a compelling yet subtle story. Diversity, the blurring margin of cultures and dysfunctional family ties are some of the reappearing themes in his character driven stories.

The first half of 2018, the director received funding from the Flemish Audiovisuals Fund (scenarioatelier), to start writing his first feature film. He was also granted funding for the creation of his new short film, “Grapefruit”. The project is planned to be ready in the first half of 2019. “Grapefruit” will be produced by “De wereldvrede” and “Finders Keepers”.

The young director also works as programmer for the Filmfestival of Ostend and the Youth Filmfestival JEF.

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