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Evi Cats

Evi Cats (1994) studied documentary directing at RITCS in Brussels. Before making films, she completed her master’s degree in Cultural Analysis in Amsterdam. Both in her film practice and her theoretical work, she is interested in the city, everyday human interactions and small fictions within reality.

Often filming herself, she looks at Brussels and its social structures. Cats is interested in the mixture of people and habits in this kaleidoscopic, ever-changing city. She often works around questions of the body relating to political spaces, hoping film could be an act of poetic activism.

The documentary set in Cureghem, Walls That Scream, premiered at IDFA 2022 and was awarded the VAF Wildcard soon after. Her masterfilm, In Attesa di una Tempesta Solare, revolves around the (feminist) city and its layers of textures and time.

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