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Razzaq, Jehane
Razzaq, Jehane

The real name’s Jehane Zahra Razzaq, although everyone calls me Jiji. Just like the cat in the Ghibli movie “Kiki’s delivery service”! What a wonderful movie.

I specialise in 2D animation and storytelling. Besides keeping myself creatively busy, I also like to broaden my knowledge of the world we live in and of the cultures that inspire me. I have strong linguistic aptitudes and can speak 4 languages fluently. French, Japanese, English, and Dutch. These skills have brought me many opportunities and other than being an artist, I’m a Japanese language teacher for children and adults in my spare time. However I’d love to work on meaningful and beautiful projects in the future while travelling from country to country.

Don’t hesitate to contact me via social media! Ps: I’m always friendly.

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