A Mess (2019)

Door Nasser, Atta ()

Life is full of memories, histories, stories and myths. Many of them are written down or are retold in order not to forget them. Yet they are changed through the generations and some of them threatened with oblivion.

I dig and I scoop in that pit, full of enthusiasm.
I want to understand in what kind of world I live, how it has reached today.
I search and I find, but I am never sure what of all things are true.
I am looking for myself in a chaotic basement of accumulated past times,
I am looking at a background that only seems cloudy, as if I am putting my head under water to see what is happening there but my field of vision reaches no further than 3 meters and after half a minute I gasp for breath.
The past haunts me without knowing exactly what is blowing in my neck.

In this play, we will follow the imagination of 2 characters, A woman and her husband.

They are practicing, playing, the possibility that they will have to seek a better life in outer space. They have been searching for a good place in every corner of the earth but everything seems to be rotten and without hope. So one day, they know, they have to leave. And they know that they will only have a one way ticket and they won’t know how it will be out there.

This couple is exercising the – worst case scenario – to be ready for when it gets real.


Director Atta Nasser (Masterthesis Directing RITCS) Coach director Johan Dehollander Actrice Kaat Arnaert Set designer Charlotte Hermant (student La Cambre) Technician Liam Van Tornhout (Podiumtechnieken RITCS)  Coach technician Kurt Lefevre Sound designer Adam Russell  Productionleader Sijmen Van Vaerenbergh (Bachelor Stage Management RITCS) Coach Production Harry Cole Production RITCS theatre department Co-production Bronks

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