Paradisiac (2021)

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Door Van Hoeck, Bas (Regie)

Paradisiac is a kaleidoscopic portrait of the majestic Hotel Mozart, located in the heart of Brussels. For 26 years, the charming Ben Abderrahman has been the owner of the hotel. Every night, Ben goes out into the streets of Brussels, to distribute bread to the less fortunate and to offer empty hotel rooms for free to people without a home, the homeless, people without papers, (trans)migrants, etc. Completely voluntary and motivated by the Koran, he refuses to keep his luxury to himself and shares it with all those in need. The film gives an insight into this fragile, extraordinary and moving “Mozart universe”.

Abderrahman, Ben Ahmed [Met dank aan] Decock, Leon [Chef geluid] Decock, Leon [Cameraman] De Coster, Calixte [Mixage] Kanama, Beaufils [Met dank aan] Peeters, Vince [Colorgrading-Etalonnage] RITCS, School of Arts [Uitgever] RITCS, School of Arts [Rechthebbende] Van der Wee, Gillis [Bruiteur] Van der Wee, Gillis [Klankmonteur] Van Hoeck, Bas [Maker] Van Hoeck, Bas [Masterproef] Van Hoeck, Bas [Montage] Van Hoeck, Bas [Chef geluid] Van Hoeck, Bas [Cameraman] Van Hoeck, Bas [Regisseur] Vromman, Jan [Promotor]

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