PICTO (2021)

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Door Wildemeersch, Saika (animatiefilm)

Nyo, a young man with depression, stumbles upon an old relic from his childhood: a gaming console with a built in communication platform. Despite knowing he might not get an answer, the man sends a message and against all odds, his message gets answered. Soon, the young man and his virtual pen pal create a bond like no other and with this friendship, his life gets a bit of its color back. After Nyo relapses into his depression, he decides to meet his new friend face to face. But when he finally meets him, he only sees a vision of his past, a younger Nyo with the brightest smile…

Dillen, Brent [Script] Gysel, Sam [Muziek] Nachtergaele, Ruben [Chef geluid] Ponchel, Camille [Animatie] RITCS, School of Arts [Uitgever] RITCS, School of Arts [Rechthebbende] Van de Moortel, Frederik [Mixage] Van Overbeke, Hasse [Animatie] Vervecken, Elias [Geluid] Wildemeersch, Saika [Script] Wildemeersch, Saika [Masterproef] Wildemeersch, Saika [Animatie] Wildemeersch, Saika [Maker]

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